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Lot and Land Clearing
When it comes to clearing a lot, no one can help you as fast or easily as possible, like U.S. Tree Service. We are the number one trusted resource for homeowners, business owners, municipalities to clear lots and make sure that they are safe and ready for people to use or expand their landscaping.

U.S. Tree Service will dispatch our crews to make sure that your lot is ready for whatever project you are ready to begin. We bring our fully loaded trucks to the site in order to make sure that your lot is cleared of all trees, and stumps so you can begin your next project. When it comes to lot clearing rely on a certified and professional company in order to ensure our safety and the safety of the other lots around yours. We know that it might seem easy to go in there and clear all the trees with a chainsaw, hatchet, or ax. However, if there is not careful planning and precision cuts made to the trees in your lot they can fall in any direction.

In order to get a tree to fall in the right direction, the right way to avoid other trees, surgical and precise cuts have to be made with careful planning. We have over 10 years of experience clearing lots in multiple cities across Chicagoland. We will make the time to plan out in order to prevent trees falling hazardously which can cause a “domino effect” sometimes on the trees around them. This can lead to trees falling into lots next to yours and damaging them or their property which you will be liable for.

Whether you have just purchased a large lot, a real estate agent selling a lot and want to make it look more attractive, a business that needs to lot clearing services in order to expand, or a city the needs more land, U.S. Tree Service will be there for you. We offer free estimates for all the of the services we do and can provide you with the results you expect. Call U.S. Tree Service today in order to clear your lot.